How does this feel? I narrow it down to a word or a phrase.

Where does this feel? I go global and then local within my body.

How do I look?      I assess my physical posture in the mirror.

What do I want?    I separate the ‘Do want’ from the ‘Do Not Want’.


Where is Your Physical Body Pain?


Pain is the body’s way of telling you “something is wrong” and is asking for a move to make it better. Common complaints for various pains are listed below. (Check those that apply and designate intensity of pain on 0-10 scale, 10 being high as it is now and 0 being pain free)

FOOT/ ANKLE Bunions, Flat Feet Joint pain, Heel pain, Tarsal Tunnel, Muscle soreness, Muscle strains in & calf & shin, Plantar Fascia,

BACK Pain in the area, Stiffness, Spasm, Limited or difficult movement,Difficulty sitting or standing up, Burning or numbing sensations in legs Arthritis, Difficulty sleeping, Difficulty breathing 

ELBOW/HAND/ WRIST Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, Cramping hands Bicep/triceps Pain, Thumb pain, Muscle soreness, Joint pain, Arthritis

HEAD Increased pressure in areas around head, impaired vision, Dizziness  Light-sensitivity, Sound-sensitivity, Migraine, Gastrointestinal disturbances

HIP Arthritic hip, Degenerative hip, Muscle soreness, Groin tightness  Burning in hip and into leg, Joint pain, Muscle strains in & around the hip Limping & limited ability to walk, squat or move 

KNEE Arthritic knees, Patellar pain ,Osgood-Schlatter, Water on the knee, Ligament sprains, Meniscal damage, Baker’s cyst, Muscle strains, Noticeable swelling, Limping and limited ability to walk, 

NECK Limited range of motion to one or both sides, Disc herniations, Burning sensations into arms and hands, Tight shoulder muscles, Headaches Degenerative disc disorder, Osteoporosis, Difficulty lifting items

SHOULDER Rotator cuff, Limited range of motion without pain, Muscle strains in & around the shoulder, Frozen shoulder, Arthritis, Limited ability to lift arms Noticeable swelling, Stiffness, Difficulty sleeping on affected side, Left, right or both, Tingling, exhausting, discomfort on lateral abduction, Radiating to elbow

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