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Align for Ease is about Functional Fitness for Pain Management.
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How Do I Look

How Do I Look?

Well-being is a positive & natural place to be as a physical being.
For example it is not that a person has made bad choices but that they are not in alignment with the good choices that they have made and that is who they are. That way the attention is always on the well-being and the ‘Tone’ is positive e.g. Intuition.

Wisdom is the innate knowing of the physical body to look for well-being.
It is often thought in terms of energy channels, meridians etc. that support cellular function and physiology of physical body.
Hold the recommended two points for 17 sec.e.g. Fatigue

Workouts are your way of generating a demand on your musculo-skeletal structure to straighten as well as then strengthen the posture grid, the 8 joints. For example Static Back helps prevent low back pain. Check out Flexibility & Strength.

17 seconds rule This is the time it takes to attract an energy vibration that resonates in harmony with better health. An observable postural improvement takes place. More Info

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