Flexibility & Strength

Flexibility & Strength
I am stronger–have more endurance.
For instance, I went on a long bike ride, had much more strength
and endurance for pedaling even though I hadn’t ridden lately!
I pushed Liam, my grandson in the stroller up a steep hill easily
without needing to stop and rest.
I feel the connection with the muscles through my torso
when I walk for the first time.
Walking feel like it involves the whole body, not just the legs and hips.
I feel more flexible in the lumbar/sacral area. My leg muscles are firmer.
My butt muscles are firmer. I feel like standing straight, not slumped.
I notice when I’m slumping, and remind myself to be straight and erect.
My hip joints feel amazingly freer.
They move more easily with no discomfort when walking or moving.
I am very grateful for this program which is enriching my life.
I am very grateful for Surteg’s knowledge and deep intuitional “tuning in”
which helps him design my AlignForEase exercises .
~Lynn, Musician, age 67

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