I was born and raised on India, amongst a family of highly educated parents & siblings and went on to acquire a BS in Chemical Engineering at IIT Delhi as well an MBA thereafter.
In 2003 around the time of birth of my son, I developed shoulder pain and qualified for disability for 2 years. That was the period of discovery of The Egoscue Method CLICK, a world leader in non-medical pain relief by reading Pete Egoscue’s book on Method of Health through Motion. Later Dr. John Welthiem’s Body Talk System CLICK and then Dr. Sarno’s Healing Back Pain CLICK along with the work by Dr. Richard Gerber (Vibrational Medicine CLICK) made a significant impact on my outlook on human suffering versus well-being. Along came Teachings of Abraham CLICK by Jerry and Esther Hicks based on Law of Attraction that put everything in a unique perspective and helped me write down the Posture as an Access to Well-being Method (which is later named as AlignForEase method)-the technical cornerstone of my client therapy practice as well as the fountain of inspiration for my book Align For Ease~ Functional Fitness for Pain Management
Conclusion– What happens to me in life, is somewhat my own attraction and therefore I can do something about it.

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