What will I experience during a (Private) session:
After the Initial Interview in which you describe your health needs and problems,
you will stand at ease facing front, back, left and right for 4 photos of your Static Posture.
This is called BodyAccess Intake.
Your Static Posture is how you freely stand. The hand and foot positions
as well as spinal curves along with shoulder elevation/ depression combined
with rotation of the trunk and pelvis form important part of my observations.
I will use visual feedback to ascertain from your body’s 4 posture photos,
the deviations presented from the standard Functional Design Posture (Click) .
I set priorities needed to restore balance between Left and Right parts of your body.
(Your Front/Back photos will show the deviations.)
I set priorities needed to restore optimal dynamic tension between Front and Back
(Your Left/Right side photos will show the deviations).
I will write a BodyAccess exercise plan based on BodyAccess Intake.
Based on Initial Interview & BodyAccess Intake, I will also write an energy balancing ChiAccess plan.
Based on Initial Interview & BodyAccess Intake, I will lastly write an emotion balancing HeartAccess plan.
In order to implement the AlignForEase Method plan for your problems,
I will help you with learning the physical exercises from the BodyAccess
To implement ChiAccess routines
I will teach you why to tap on your head to alert the brain to the changes needed,
and then tap on your sternum alerting the heart (physical and emotional) to store the changes.
An ideal session usually lasts 90 min. with 30 minutes allocated
for each of the BodyAccess, ChiAccess and HeartAccess plans.
Based on your comfort with these three concepts,
your 90 minute session may end up different than the one involving equal allocation
for each of these three sub-approaches of the AlignForEase Method (Click) .
It usually takes 24 to 48 hours for the body to download some of the ChiAccess energetic changes
whereas the impact of the whole approach can be felt in seconds if not minutes,
of implementing each technique as well as the whole method.
A sense of well-being and life flowing again in the direction they desire
is often reported back to me by my clients, right there during the session.

Can the AlignForEase Method help me?
While we do not diagnose or treat specific ailments, clinical experience from has shown
that once their overall systems and body posture are balanced through the AlignForEase method, clients worldwide following the Egoscue and BodyTalk approaches (which are the technical cornerstones of the AlignForEase method) have exhibited significant improvement in the areas of:
Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Emotional Disorders, Endocrine Disorders
Headaches, Phobias, Sports Injuries, Sports Performance, Stress, Viruses
Infections, Allergies, Back Pain

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