Hip Pain

Dear Surteg, Again I’m writing to offer my thanks for the marvelous work
you did for me on Saturday, July 21 over the phone while you were commuting.
I held out calling you for 3 days because I thought I could use SOMETHING
that I knew had worked in the past to relieve the pain in my right hip.
I could not even do the AlignForEase exercises you prescribed for me.
It felt like it was really out of the socket.
Every time I took a step, the heel hitting the floor sent sharp pain into the hip
and I felt as though I would not be able to follow the step through to the next step.
When I did a self test, marching in place, the right foot was closer to the wall by about 2-3 inches.
This means Mary’s right hip was rotated forward with right foot following that rotation.
Then Mary called me. I did the whole energy routine using Point Access to Wisdom (ChiAccess)
with Mary with Mary sitting and using a foot stool to be comfortable. It did not work.

After going through some work on the phone with you, I was better, but not completely good yet.
So you tried another route and had me do some extension work on the floor,
and then some visualization about the ease with which the tendrils of the climbing plants
that grow outside my window bend and turn without effort…
having me apply that thought to my lower back (HeartAccess work).
Not long after another manipulation in the sitting position, you asked me to take brief walk outside.
It was obvious that something left me – that it had gotten lured into your “trap.”
I used that term to connect with Mary because Mary uses a trap
to catch squirrels and release them (all 128 of them so far) in the woods some other place.

It was gone and I was able to go with Ted on our regular half-hour walk without any problem that night.
Mary mentioned something in her low back area falling in place when Mary did Shoulder Bridge
as a part of about 15 Body Access processes I quickly carried Mary through
Since that time everything feels super, we are continuing our walks,
and I’m able to do the established Menu!
Whatever happened to me was a first and very scary.
But with your skill and patience,
I am productive again, sleeping well again, and very grateful.
Thank you, Surteg!
(Mary had Upper Torso and Pelvic Rotation)

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