In 2004 I began as a very small fitness outfit providing a singular service
such as posture alignment specialist using the Egoscue Method.
This has led to the concept of BodyAccess. For example Flexibility & Strength and Cerebral Palsy
In 2006 I added Body Talk Access routines for ‘communicate, synchronize
and balance the human body’ to client postural therapy.
ChiAccess originated with the above shift. For example Lyme Disease,Cough and Knee Pain
In 2009 I added an accumulated body of work in the area of the mental and emotional component
of human health and named it HeartAccess. For example Divorce
A simultaneous application of two or more of the above three Access versions
is referred to as ActiveAccess. For example Intuition
And then I named the whole system as The AlignForEase Method. For example Joy in Movement

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