For 3 nights in a row before my first appointment with Surteg,
I was awakened by terrible headaches originating between the shoulder blades
and moving up to the neck and the base of the skull.
That was about 6 weeks ago, and I haven’t had one since.
I have been faithfully doing the AlignForEase exercises
and have not only been headache and pain free,
I also feel more flexible and plain better.
I have even had immediate relief from pain in the lower back from moving
by doing certain paw-cises and trying some point-access-to-wisdom
on myself with no formal training I got instant pain relief.
I get into my car and have to adjust the rear view mirror up
because my posture is so much better.
I strongly encourage anyone to try this program with an open mind.
David B, Dental Brace Maker, age 37
(Also check out 60 seconds to relief)

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