This past Saturday, I took a class with Surteg, totally on my husband’s insistence.
I was very reluctant to go as I was extremely fatigued by working on the computer 8 hours on Friday.
I had pain in the left side of my neck and Surteg did a demo on me for the class.
I was extremely surprised to find that the pain had gone away 100%.
Next day I did the head-warmer (Cortices) and I was at the computer 9 hours.
I periodically did ChiAccesss techniques.
Here are the results.
1. I was able to work without eye-glasses.
2. After 9 hours my eyes had only about 2% ache.
3. I was feeling at peace after work.
4. I cleaned the house for 2 hours after 9 hours of work.
5. I had no pain in the neck.
The AlignForEase exercises work fast.
VS, Educator, age 42

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