I got pain-free through AlignForEase exercises in less than 10 minutes with Surteg.
I met Surteg at the event at the bank. My youngest son had just had his tonsils
and adenoids taken out and this was his first day back to school.
My oldest had woken up sick and needed to go to a doctor.
I am a single mom. I was stressed and tired.
I had worked things out with the help of my mother, but I was worried.
Surteg showed me how to straighten up my posture releasing the stress
and focusing the energy of the mind on relaxing.
I felt better in minutes.
~PM, age 33

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  1. Kaitlyn (& Adam)

    My partner and I had the pleasure of meeting Surteg at our apartment complex after finishing up a workout! We discussed alignment and he assisted my partner with energy transfer to release tension in his hamstring and he also gave my partner exercises to improve posture, releasing pain in his lower back. I, like many others I know, house all of my stress between my shoulders. Surteg gave me an brief exercise to do to help release this tension. I could feel my body reconfiguring itself and the vibrations releasing from my shoulders down through my arms and back for minutes after the exercise. In our discussion and brief experience together, it was clear that devoting time to working on our bodies and responding to discomfort in helpful ways can really provide more energy to take with you for the rest of your day. I would highly recommend meeting and working with Surteg – your body will thank you! (:

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