Throbbing Shoulder

I met with Surteg at the end of an 8:30am meeting
for about 3-5 minutes, for throbbing shoulder pain that I had to endure ever since I woke up that morning.
I am absolutely floored with his technique to have the pain and throb totally stop in a matter of minutes and stay that way for the next 12 hours with only a mild reappearance of pain symptom.
I have never experienced relief like this instant gratification from pain.
I was pretty impressed with total disappearance of pain for the rest of the work day.
I was little skeptical just because it is out of norm with what I have experienced in terms of pain treatment with Tylenol, Ibouprofine and bio-freeze.
It is hard for me to equate a 2 minute wholisitic touch and hold treatment
with 12 hours of freedom from living a life of limitation.
Daffy L., Insurance

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