Cerebral Palsy

I am 17.
After the treatment my Achilles tendon is less painful when it pops out.
It is more comfortable to walk now.
Back is straighter; doesn’t hurt anymore as I walk. I have better balance.
I need less help. I can drink and walk at the same time.
I don’t have to look at my feet when I walk.
Sitting cross-legged is less painful.
After frog exercise, I walk faster now and I rock back and forth less.
In my experience with physical therapy, children with CP (including myself)
get put through painful exercises that are not very effective and very painful.
The AlignForEase exercises are easy and pretty painless.
They have helped me so much in the past 3 days alone.
It makes me feel bad that there are all these kids
that aren’t getting the help they need.
Alisa, age 17
My daughter has improved as she is walking more independently and balanced.
The curve in the lower back is not as pronounced/ visible.
She is letting more movement in lower as well as upper back.
She is happy, emotionally.
Alisa’s Mother, LMBT, age 45

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